Welcome to the Library!

Students from PK 3 through Grade 8 enjoy weekly visits with their homeroom class.  Visits include a presentation designed to instill a love of reading, to enhance classroom lessons, and to inspire life long learning.  Visits include checking out materials, practicing information literacy, and participating in book talks. Our library program aims to provide a welcoming and stimulating environment where all students are encouraged to listen to reading, open their books and open their minds.


The librarian runs an “overdue” list every Tuesday and provides a copy to each classroom teacher.   In addition, the librarian also verbally informs each student of any overdue materials during their weekly visit.   There is a fine for overdue books and materials of five cents per school day, which begins accruing after a five day grace period.  Books and materials overdue by 30 days or more are assumed to be lost and a replacement fee will be assessed.  Students with overdue items and/or unpaid fines will not be allowed to check out books until the matter is resolved.  If you feel our records are in error, please email your  librarian at:                                         karen.fenker@sjcsnh.org.

                    Lost a Book?

If a book is lost or damaged it must be paid for. Payment may be in the form of a check made out to St. John’s School, or with exact cash (change cannot be made and will not be given). Send the payment  to school marked   “Attention Library.” If a student finds their lost item  after the replacement fee has been paid, they may keep the item that they have paid for.


Students visit the library each week to listen to a story, practice library skills, and check out materials. In addition, students in kindergarten through second grade will often have a literary based activity to coincide with the story of the week. 


Students in grades 5-8 may visit the Library from 7:30-7:50 on Wednesdays and Fridays.                                                                    


Students in grades 5-8 may visit the Library from 2:30-2:45 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.



- Kindergarten students borrow books when they visit with their class, 

   but the books are kept in the classroom, not taken home.

- Students in first grade may borrow one book.

- Students in grades two through eight may borrow two books; however,  

   if special circumstances arise, they may be able to borrow more than two.

- Books may be kept for up to two weeks and may be renewed only if there are no hold requests.